Triznut's Adventures

Pine Creek and Keyhole Canyons, Zions, Utah

A few good friends in one of the most beautifull (and crowed) places in Southern Utah. This was going to be the first trip where I was going to get my feet wet... Really I mean the whole body wet. I've done a few technical canyons prior to Zion and have ran into very little water. Waist deep at best. But I'll never forget the 30m long narrow coridor swim in Keyhole. Water rocks (and stinks)!Can't wait to go back.

Also to the loud ass BAs that keep me up till dawn. @#%! YOU! And may you burn in hell = )

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Larry and Alcatraz Canyons, Robbers Roost, Utah

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We came back to conquer, as we were defeated the first trip out to Larry's. It had us limping back to price (see Baptist Draw and Upper Chute Canyon story).

So Cream cheese, my day and I set-off looking for adventure. The 3 of us knocked off the gem, Larry's Canyon. Man oh man what a canyon! Everything you want in a good slot- Good down climbing, big rapples, hairy manuvours with long tight slots. Larry gave us all that and more...

Baptist Draw and Upper Chute Canyon, San Raphael Swell, Utah

So we were on our way to Larry Canyon down in the Roost. I had heard it was a classic. We left Friday afternoon around 2pm. Traffic wasn't to bad heading out of town. Before I knew it we were in Spanish Fork Canyon. Everything felt right. We were making great time, the conversation was good, and I couldn't wait to get there. We stopped in Green River for one last fill-up. Damn! Missed the turn-off to Horseshoe canyon again. So how far is this dirt road again? Let's make sure we don't miss the turn...Want me to drive? Cool. Let's go! Man we're making goodtime. Woah! Troy thinking too himself, "Why is the truck losing power going up this hill?" Damn fuel pump! Too make a long story short...We ended up limping back to

Green River for the night and getting a hotel, hopeful that we'll be able to fix the problem there in the morning and get right back to Larry. Boy was I wrong. Saturday morning comes, my dad s\is done playing with the roaches. We head out looking for a mechnice. Well to keep this short...Nobody's can fix it until at least Monday in GR. Should we see if the beast can limp back to Price Pops? That's our best bet I think in getting this fixed. At a top speed of 30mhp...mainly 10mhp. We barley ake it to Tune-x in Price (THANKS MOM!). They get us going by 2pm on Saturday, Should we bail or salvage this trip we ask ourselfs? We decide to run to the Swell. Baptist and Chute here we come.

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Castleton Tower, Moab, Utah

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Off to do my first tower with good friends down in the the old valley of the castle's, in Castle Valley. Rachel, Katherine, Alexi and I set off to knock off a gem.

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